How we employ:

General learner-ship:

You start from scratch. No previous experience is required and we will train you gradually in all things Grooming related. You will start with menial tasks and follow on to learn the washing/ drying duties.


You are an experienced washer that can handle dogs/ wash / blow-dry/ brush / remove knots and matted fur

Groomer level 1:

You have done some basic grooming (summer cuts/ winter cuts No styling or finishing   training ) We will assist in getting you the experience required and building your knowledge with practical work to scale you up to a level 2 groomer

Groomer level 2:

Groomers who have been trained and have experience in shaving different cuts and styles and styling different breeds according to breed standards. They just lack some longer term experience and need to build on their capacity and quality of work.

Groomer Level 3 :

These are our professional stylists. They have loads of experience, know the lingo and feel comfortable shaving / styling any style and any breed. They will have experience working in high capacity environments and thrive under pressure.

Groomer Level 4:

Our level 4 groomers are our supervisors / Quality control and training experts. They have a        passion for teaching others and an eye for detail. Helping others (trainees) reach their full potential, energize them and motivate them to become even better (we never stop learning)

Parlour specific employees:


This person will manage the front of house and assist clients with check-in and information capture. They need a good understanding of Grooming fundamentals and industry terms. It   is their responsibility to ensure the customer instructions reach the grooming staff correctly and accurately. They will also be responsible to schedule appointments, complete admin duties and handle the telephone. Other duties will be included, or excluded as needs change or evolve.

Admin Person:

The role of the admin person will be to assist management in the day to day tasks of recording income, verifying and following up on payments, recording expenses, managing the data and financial information for the partners and the different mobile operations      under our umbrella.

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