Parlour Pricing:

  • We serve the community around us.
  • You can drop your fur-babies off for their Grooming session at the parlour and collect them once they are done.
  • Alternatively, we have a Pick-up and drop-off service that will collect and return them to your home safely…....just ask about this additional service.

Wierda Park Parlour

•Even though we try to keep your fur-baby’s visit as short as possible, you can expect the process to take approx. 2-2,5 hrs

•The needs and considerations for each pet is different and sometimes things do not go according to plan. A difficult or first time client (pet) could set us behind on our schedule…when this happens, we will notify you. Please bare with us and know that your fur-baby is being taken care of.

•There might be additional requirements from you by the time you arrive. The staff will need to know about this. Also be as clear as you can when requesting the services, as a coat that has been shaved off, cannot be put back. NB: We also reserve the right to refuse service in the event where the visit can be potentially dangerous to any party. (you, your pet or our staff)

•We will take every possible, reasonable care to ensure the safety of your beloved pet(s) but cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage that occur during the rendering of our service. Likewise we will also not hold any party liable for any damage, loss, injury caused to us or our property during provision of our services. •If your fur-baby has any special needs(special shampoo, your own towels, skin condition or injury, etc.) please bring them along. We will accommodate any reasonable request.